PREVENTOMICS partner Vanesa Martínez, CEO, and Marcos Tomas, R&D Project Manager of Carinsa, have disseminated the project during the 1st of February 2022 as part of a Food4Life Spain Meeting.

In this presentation, the main objectives of PREVENTOMICS project, Carinsa’s tasks in the project and future steps for it were discussed with members of the Food 4 Life Spain platform, specifically the members of their Dairy Products Work Group. This seminar served as a foundation stone for future collaborations involving some of Spain’s most relevant food companies, as well as a presentation of some of the outputs that PREVENTOMICS can give them.

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Next Steps

In order to continue with this line of research and promotion of PREVENTOMICS, the main objective is to disseminate the project through articles and publications in different research papers, seminars, platforms and congresses. In addition, synergies could be promoted between different food companies, with the objective of gaining expertise in different areas through the use of the PREVENTOMICS tool, in order to develop new product lines and improve the already established ones.