PREVENTOMICS project has been presented during the 2nd Symposium “Articulating the Sport” celebrated from 9th – 11th of March in Madrid, Spain. The event has been organised by the OAFI Foundation in collaboration with the Medical Services of the Atlético de Madrid Foundation and the Spanish Olympic Committee.

Josep Maria del Bas, director of Eurecat’s Nutrition and Health Unit and PREVENTOMICS’ technical supervisor, and Biotza Gutierrez, PREVENTOMICS’ coordinator and Project Manager from Eurecat, have participated in the second day of the symposium to deliver the presentation “PREVENTOMICS: Personalised Nutrition for athletes”.

During the session, they have given a general overview about the project and the main work done and highlighted the importance of the characterising individuals’ phenotype to be able to design personalised nutrition diets with the final goal to prevent diet-related diseases and adopt healthy lifestyle habits. The presentation specifically delved into the potential of PREVENTOMICS system and personalised nutrition for professionals in the sport sector.

Download the presentation delivered here

Project materials were also exhibited in the symposium hall for all interested attendees.

The event, addressed specially to medical, health and sport professionals, had the objective to dig into different aspects around the sport sector, touching upon nutrition, AI applied to sport, microbiota or supplements to decrease recovery processes, among others.