Project newsletters

Newsletter 1 - October 2020

This is the first newsletter of the PREVENTOMICS project, which aims to empower consumers to prevent diet-related diseases through personalised nutrition. You will be able to find out about the project’s Nutritional Recommender System, PREVENTOMICS’ interventional studies, partners’ scientific production and the latest articles on nutrigenetics, personalised nutrition, functional foods, metabolomics and the use of smartphones to promote healthy eating.

Newsletter 2 - July 2021

In the second newsletter of the PREVENTOMICS project, you can find out about the project’s ongoing interventional studies, articles on the potential of personalised nutrition for treating obesity and the relation of nutrition and chronic pain, information about PREVENTOMICS’ integration in a cluster of other European projects working on personalised nutrition and more.

Newsletter 3 - October 2021

The third newsletter of the PREVENTOMICS project includes information about the project’s meal delivery pilot study first results, the trial of health effects of personalised nutrition in healthy participants, a report on how genetic scores can help in preventing obesity, the biomarkers role in implementing personalised nutritional strategies, an article explaining how you can become happier by shifting your behaviour and information of Nutrishield project analysers and clinical studies.

Newsletter 4 - March 2022

In the fourth newsletter of the PREVENTOMICS you will be able to read more about the project’s clinical study to assess personalised nutrition health effects, how nutrition software can become an asset for personalised diet elaboration, the upcoming webinar organised by PREVENTOMICS-sister projects, latest videos on project topics, registrations for the project’s final event and more.

Newsletter 5 - April 2022

This is the fifth newsletter of the project which includes information on the Polish clinical study results, the PREVENTOMICS final event, four functional ingredients developed within the project, requirements for an e-health tool from a consumer’s point of view, a platform for the analysis of food intake biomarkers, the latest news about the project, the recording of the CHANCE webinar event and much more!

Newsletter 6 - April 2022

This is the sixth and latest newsletter of the project which presents information about the PREVENTOMICS’ final results, the presentations and videos of the project final event, the United Kingdom nutritional study results, the latest articls, practical abstracts videos published and more!