Platform validation via interventional studies

PREVENTOMICS’ nutrition platform to deliver personalised dietary and lifestyle habits advice will be validated at different levels with three interventional studies taking place in Denmark, Spain, Poland and the United Kingdom.

weight loss

Personalised dietary advice for aiding weight loss

A research study involving men and women with overweight or obesity to assess the effects of personalised nutrition versus general nutrition advice

Where: United Kingdom and Poland.

Responsible for the study: the University of Southampton and the Jagiellonian University.

About the study: Researchers will examine the soundness of the PREVENTOMICS’ personalised nutrition app to enhance a reduction of weight and waist circumference and favourable changes in the metabolism, compared to general dietary recommendations in clinically healthy overweight men and women.

smartphones to promote healthy eating

Health effects of personalised nutrition

A research study with healthy men and women to assess the effects in health and changes in their metabolism after following personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice

Where: Reus and Tarrgona area, Spain

Responsible for the study: Eurecat’s Nutrition and Health Unit

About the study: Researchers will compare the effects on health and changes in the metabolism in non-smoking men and women receiving personalised nutritional and lifestyle advice through a retailer platform compared to participants following general nutritional advice.

The study will examine the soundness of PREVENTOMICS retailer app to support participants in personalising their nutrition, empowering the choice preferences and promoting favourable and sustained changes in dietary behaviour.

personalised delivey meals

Health effects of personalised meal delivery

A research study in men and women with overweight and obesity to assess the health effects of personalised meals compared to meals following general nutritional recommendations

Where: Denmark.

Responsible for the study: Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports (NEXS), University of Copenhagen.

About the studyThe aim of the study is to examine the feasibility of the PREVENTOMICS platform integrated in a meal delivery app to deliver personalised meals for a greater weight loss and health improvement than meals based on general dietary recommendations in men and women with overweight and obesity. Volunteers will use Simple Feast App to access personalised recipes and dietary advices according to their individual’s needs, genotype, lifestyle and preferences.