The project

Biomarker-based system to send personalised advice on dietary and lifestyle habits to empower consumers to prevent diet-related diseases.

PREVENTOMICS project builds a new paradigm in preventive personalised nutrition exploiting the potential of omics sciences, especially metabolomics, and changes in habits as drivers of development.

During the project, PREVENTOMICS will deliver personalised nutrition tools accessible to everyone that promote changes in current habits and achieve the improvement of personal health in a sustained and lasting manner.

The personalised plans for nutrition and lifestyle habits to improve the health of people are based on individual traits such as physical and behavioural traits, lifestyle, genotype, preferences and physical condition and will reach the recipients in in the form of behavioural prompts, thanks to the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) tools.

The applied research carried out by PREVENTOMICS will help to sustain new healthy lifestyle habits, increase user satisfaction and confidence in a more personalized diet and promote greater adherence to the Mediterranean diet as a healthy dietary pattern in line with the recommendations of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Start date – 1 November 2018  End date – 31 October 2021
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A word from PREVENTOMICS Technical Supervisor

PREVENTOMICS could be applicable in the future to the personalisation of any type of treatment or health condition and represents a unique service, given that it can be validated for specific diseases or for well-defined life situations where the combination of genetic, biological, nutritional and psychological factors is relevant

– Josep Maria del Bas, Director of Eurecat’s Nutrition and Health Unit

Use scenarios

PREVENTOMICS will be validated in different scenarios carrying out intervention studies with both healthy volunteers,volunteers with abdominal obesity who are at moderate risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease and subjects with hypertension.

The studies aim to demonstrate PREVENTOMICS potential for personalisation of nutrition at the three levels of the food value chain:

smartphones promote healthy eating


Personalised recommendations at the point of sale with products suggested to be added to the basket beneficial for the users.

Country: Spain


Processing and distributing

Personalised delivery food service responding to the nutritional user’s profile, preferences and physical and behavioural traits.

Country: Denmark

omics technologies personalised nutrition preventomics


Personalised nutritional advice by nutritionists for subjects with abdominal obesity through a software and mobile app.

Country: UK and Poland



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A word from PREVENTOMICS Daily Technical Coordinator

The novelty in the project lays on a unique integration of genetic, metabolic, nutritional and psychological data and the application of state-of-the-art metabolomics technologies and computational modelling of the metabolism, which will enable the evaluation and characterisation of the most relevant disease-inducing factors on the organism for adopting long-term healthy and sustainable diets.

– Antoni Caimari, Director of Eurecat’s Biotechnology Area

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