antoni caimari seminario alimentacion saludable

PREVENTOMICS project has been presented during the IX Seminar on Healthy Nutrition and Lifestyle habits, which took place in Barcelona on July 23-24.

Antoni Caimari, PREVENTOMICS’ daily technical coordinator and director of Eurecat’s Biotechnology Area, delivered a presentation on personalised nutrition as a tool to prevent the onset of chronic diseases: from the evaluation of metabolic performance through omics to the implementation of business models- the PREVENTOMICS approach.

The seminar has been organized by PREVENTOMICS partner Alimentomica, a private company focusing on the R+D+I of new components, technologies and innovative practices to improve human diet, function and health. The event takes place annually and aims to discuss and disseminate the latest advances in research, applications and approaches in nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits.

This year’s edition, titled as “New Developments, New Demands” focused on new developments covering the demands of new forms of family organizations, such as nutritional traffic lights or strategies for the application of precision nutrition and the promotion of physical activity. The event gathered more than 120 attendees, including students, representatives from companies and nutritionists.

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