Project deliverables



WP1 - Bussiness modelling

D1.1 Business modelling framework

D1.2 Consumers report

D1.3 PREVENTOMICS MVP conseptualization report

WP2 - Biomarkers and health status correlation

D2.1 A report with multiple datasets describing the rangs of values for each biomarker selected in general European population

D2.2 Report on dietary patterns of the consumers in European general population

D2.3 Report on blood and urine levels of classical clinical biomarkers in European general population

D2.4 Report on microbiomediet interaction

D2.5 Final list of metabolimics biomarkets-diet interaction

WP3 - Self-management services for consumer empowerment

D3.1 Data model and dataset description


D3.3 Consolidated PREVENTOMICS DSS

D3.4 Recommendation Engine

WP4 - PREVENTOMICS personalised nutrition integration

D4.1 PREVENTOMICS platform design

D4.2 Go-Live of ALDI new mobile app version integrating PREVENTOMICS

D4.3 Simple Feast’s server back-end integrating PREVENTOMICS

D4.4 METADIETA novel software including PREVENTOMICS DSS

D4.5 Validation tests

WP5 - Consumer-centered interventions

D5.1 Selection of ingredients to be included in the pilot studies

D5.2 report on gene-diet interactions

D5.3 Report on the outcome from each intervention study

D5.4 Overall performance of PREVENTOMICS service

WP6 - Regulatory, economics and health impact

D6.1 Ethical management framework

D6.2 Report on regulatory addressed within PREVENTOMICS

D6.3 Volunteers survey results

D6.4 Cost-effectiveness analysis results

D6.5 Health technollogy assessment

WP7 - Market impact management and dissemination

D7.1 Public project webpage [DOWNLOAD FULL REPORT]

D7.2 Data Management Plan

D7.3 Public communication materials

D7.4 First plan of use and dissemination of results

D7.5 Final PUDR and explotaition agreement

D7.6 Practical abstracts

D7.7 Report on the contribution to standardarisation

WP8 - Project management

D8.1 Setting-up collaborative platform

D8.2 Project management plan

D8.3 First risk management report

D8.4 Second risk management report

D8.5 Innovation management outcomes analysis

WP9 - Ethics requirements

D9.1 H – Requirement No. 1

D9.2 HTC – Requirement No. 2

D9.3POPD  Requirement No. 3

D9.4 A – Requirement No. 4