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precision nutrition

A new technological system applies precision nutrition to generate personalised dietary and lifestyle advice based on biomarkers

The PREVENTOMICS project has developed a personalized nutritional and healthy lifestyle habits recommendation system based on users’ biomarkers, eating habits and physical and behavioural characteristics to generate tailor-made plans. This innovative platform would allow its integration with technological applications that need to apply precision nutrition to any type of treatment, disease or defined life situation,…

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Overweight, a burden for chronic pain

In recent years, the prevalence of overweight/obesity has been increasing in our societies. This worldwide and “modern” disease makes us more prone to suffer from other pathologies such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic syndrome, depression, gastrointestinal disorders and chronic pain. More concretely, when the combination of obesity and pain appear, thus worsen the patient’s functional…

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Personalised nutrition

Diet for One? PREVENTOMICS project is coming close to scientists’ dream of personalised nutrition

May personalised medicine rings you a bell; it is an “emerging practice of medicine that uses an individual’s genetic profile to guide decisions made regarding the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease” according to the National Human Genome Research Institute. As we are    deeply entering into a new personalisation era in medical terms spurred by…

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