Carinsa UAM

Carinsa Group participated in the Precision Nutrition Conference organized by the Autonomous University of Madrid last 27th September in order to publicize its research and innovation lines, as well as products related to nutrition and functional diet that are being developed for people with special needs. 

Among the projects presented, Carinsa Group presented PREVENTOMICS exploiting the potential of omics sciences at a metabolic level. The objective of the project is to develop specific nutritional plans, taking into account each individual phenotype, as well as lifestyle and health status to reduce nutrition-related diseases. In particular, Carinsa Group develops foods that can be consumed by people with biomarkers of metabolic syndrome or pre-diabetic states. 

Carinsa Group is a leading company in the sector of flavor fragrances and prepared additives for both human and animal nutrition, committed to R+D and Innovation excellence to position itself at the technological forefront.

Currently, Carinsa Group is present in more than 55 countries and has created a broad ecosystem in collaboration with other companies, research and clinical centers, universities and associations to offer disruptive products that contribute to improving the consumers’ quality of life.