PREVENTOMICS project has been presented to 4th year Dietetics’ students during a seminar on Nutrigenomics hosted by the Jagiellonian University Medical College in Krakow, Poland, last 26th of November.

During the session, scientific basis for the personalised nutrition has been provided and PREVENTOMICS has been shown as a key European project with a novel approach in this field. Joanna Góralska, project partner from the Jagiellonian University presented the PREVENTOMICS’s assumptions and hypotheses, as well as the more relevant information regarding the recruitment of volunteers for the project’s pilot study.

An interventional study focused on adults with abdominal obesity will be conducted by researchers from the Department of Clinical Biochemistry of the Jagiellonian University Medical College and the University of Southampton. In parallel, during the project, Eurecat will be responsible to carry out a study to support healthy adults in personalising their nutrition and the University of Copenhagen will conduct an interventional study for adults with impaired fasting glycaemia.

The Jagiellonian University is the oldest highest institution in Poland where nearly 4 thousand academic staff conduct research and provide education to over 40 thousand students. The Department of Clinical Biochemistry within the Medical Faculty conducts research on the molecular pathogenesis of obesity, diabetes, hyperlipoproteinemia and on the interactions between genes and their functional products with nutrients.