The PREVENTOMICS project was presented during the Workshop “Patients with Osteoarthritis in the Centre of the Disease”, which took place on October 2ndin Barcelona, Spain, a day before OAFI’s III International Congress for Patients with Osteoarthritis. 

Biotza Gutierrez, PREVENTOMICS project coordinator, presented the importance of empowering – consumers to prevent diet-related diseases through omics sciences.  

On the other hand, Marianna Vitaloni, Science Research & Innovation Officer at OAFI, highlighted PREVENTOMICS as one of OAFI’s R&D projects.

Both presentations were made during the Pre-Congress Day “OAFI’s role in R&D, a case of patients’ success”.

The event aimed at promoting research on musculoskeletal diseases and introducing European and national public funding available for the companies, research centres, universities and hospitals. 

Experts from relevant institutions such as European Institutions, Health Authorities, and the Spanish Ministry of Health, have participated in the workshop explainingwhat the current strategies and programs of the health institutions are and how institutions can benefit from the public aid available, collaborating with OAFI patients the patient at the centre of everything.

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