Personalised nutrition tools accessible to everyone, aimed at improving health and preventing the onset of diseases.

PREVENTOMICS personalised plans for nutrition and lifestyle habits to improve the health of people are based on individual traits such as physical and behavioural traits, lifestyle, genotype, preferences and physical condition and will reach the recipients in in the form of behavioural prompts, thanks to the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) tools.
The project opens the door to the personalisation of treatments for the prevention of noncommunicable diseases through nutrition.

Key outputs

Five new products on the market. New technologies to improve health and food products intended for human consumption.

Modular predictive DSS

Different disease-inducing metabolic signatures to provide personalised nutrition from simple blood and urine samples.

Functional ingredients

Smart foods for product manufacturers adapted to personalised nutrition needs.

Changing behaviour programme

Personalised, digital and remote prompts to increase behavioural flexibility and move people to action. 

Dynamic software platform

To elaborate and deliver personalised nutritional recommendations based on the user’s profile to empower people to make healthier and more sustainable food choices.

Personalised shopping experience and food manufacturing

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies for diet customisation and a new service of personalised food manufacturing and delivery leveraging for the food industry.


preventomics platform

mFood Platform

Unique-in-its-kind service opening the door to prevent any type of diet-related diseases where combinations of genetic, biological, nutritional and psychological factors are important.


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The PREVENTOMICS Consortium is composed of 19 partners from 7 European countries.

Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Greece, Denmark, Poland. A well-balanced collection of partners dedicated to the improvement of personalized nutrition with inner and transdisciplinarity.