Free from Functional Foods Expo Preventomics

PREVENTOMICS project was presented within the Health Ingredients Conference of the Free from Functional Foods Expo (FFFE), taking place on May 28-29 in Barcelona. 

Project coordinator Eurecat delivered a presentation on PREVENTOMICS project and personalised nutrition as a tool for preventing chronic diseases, from the assessment of metabolic performance to the deployment of business models

Increased lifespan in developed societies is associated with a higher incidence and prevalence of different chronic diseases, such as obesity derived alterations, neurodegeneration, bone and joint degeneration or cancer among others. Different authors suggest that these diseases might result from sustained alterations of key metabolic processes caused by environmental factors, such as dietary habits and sedentariness. 

Currently, omics technologies such as metabolomics and proteomics, provide an invaluable opportunity for studying such processes and identify early alterations in metabolism that can be corrected by means of nutrition. 

The PREVENTOMICS H2020 project is intended to integrate this approach with current personalised nutrition tools, ICT and protocols for behavioural change. During the project, technology transfer will be studied by deploying this platform in three different business models along different randomised controlled nutritional intervention trials in different European countries. The platform will be used for personalisation of menus delivered at home, for personalized customer advice in on-line shopping and as a tool for professionals in nutrition and dietetics, therefore involving different actors of the agro-food sector.