Project deliverables

WP1 - Bussiness modelling

The challenge for any collaborative R&D projectis to ensure that it creates value for individuals or businesses. This interim report provides an initial overview of PREVENTOMICS business modelling framework in the context of the Business Model Innovation (BMI) process. This document defines the initial business plan for each enterprise participating in the project consortium, aiming to provide a thorough assessment of the different business cases that main sustain the service provision once the EC grant finishes in 2022.This information will be useful for the next stage of this work package, in which a Minimum Viable Product conceptualisation will be created. On the other hand, it will also feed the annual PUDR (Plan of use and dissemination of project results). The derived business frameworks will also be tested with various conversations with potential customers and users.

This report ispart of the Work Package (WP) 1 of the PREVENTOMICS project. The aim of this report is to find out consumers’ opinions about and attitude towards personalizednutrition, the tools used to arrive at this personalisednutrition and the use of Apps and digital platforms. We will also study the requirements that an App or platform must meet to be in line with data protection regulations or the GDPR. The data protectionis ahighly relevant topic. And even more so when working with health data, personal data classified as highly sensitive.

WP2 - Biomarkers and health status correlation

WP3 - Self-management services for consumer empowerment

This deliverable describes the approach determined to model data and build both systems: The Decision Support System (DSS) and the Nutrition Recommender System (NRS) in WP3. First, this document shows an overview of WP3 in the context of the DSS and the NRS building. Second, it describes the multisource data collected to cover different aspects of humanbeing’s health. Regarding data, it is also described how a test users’ database will be created by using synthetic data. Third the main inputs, processes and outputs from both the DSS and the NRS are described. Finally, it is described in a general way the outputs of the NRS and how they will be used within other applications of the project. Information presented in this document is useful for the next stage of this work package, in which the DSS and the NRS will be created and tested.

WP4 - PREVENTOMICS personalised nutrition integration

WP5 - Consumer-centered interventions

WP6 - Regulatory, economics and health impact

This deliverable outlines the ethical behaviour in PREVENTOMICS and the principles underlying the conduct of studies within PREVENTOMICS that require external ethical review and approval.

All activities within PREVENTOMICS and all interactions among PREVENTOMICS partners will be conducted according to this ethics management framework.

PREVENTOMICS partners will adhere to the highest standards of research integrity and to all relevant national, EU and international regulations and laws as they apply to the specific activities.

PREVENTOMICS will include research activities conducted in experimental animals and in human subjects. In the planning and conduct of such activities, all ethical issues will be fully considered. No research will begin until all requisite approvals are in place. All experimental work will be conducted according to the relevant approvals.

WP7 - Market impact management and dissemination

This deliverable is the initial version of the project’s DataManagement Plan and explains the proposed actions for the overall control of PREVENTOMICS’s data and publications. The deliverable embarks with a summarisation of thetypes and sources of data and continues with the description of the practices for safeguarding that the PREVENTOMICS research data are findable, accessible, interoperable and re-usable (FAIR). An account of the allocated resources for data management is included. The deliverable concludes with an appreciation of the data security and ethical considerations principles to be adopted.

To be published

WP8 - Project management

Presentation of the Collaborative Platform that the Consortium is using to manage the project. This collaboration tool is implemented over the tool SharePoint.

This platform is used as a website with user restricted access, for confidentiality reasons. This document will focus on the key aspects of the application – document management and team collaboration.

This deliverable provides all project partners with a summary of the main project procedures (project monitoring, reporting, financial management, etc.) It contains documentation and communication standards in order to enable good communication within the consortium. This document also describes the quality plan.


WP9 - Ethics requirements

This deliverable outlines the details concerning the human cells / tissues / fluids that will be obtained and used during PREVENTOMICS.

This deliverable is part of the ‘Ethics Requirements’ (WP9) that the project must comply to, and specifically focuses on the provisions taken by the beneficiaries related to the Protection Of Personal Data (POPD).

This deliverable includes the official requirements for the animal experimentation. All experimental work will be conducted according to the relevant approvals.

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